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1. Nature of Business


Manufacturing & marketing of fire fighting equipment.




2. Products Manufactured/Assembled:


Date of Commencement of Production:

Fire Extinguisher - Industrial : April 1981

Halon Extinguishing System : March 1989 (Ceased Production in 1995)

Onshore/Offshore fire extinguishers: April 1989

Hose Reel : May 1990

Co2 Extinguishing System : Jan 1992

Foam Compound : May 1999

Fire Reel Hose : June 1999

Fire Fighting Fittings : May 2001
(Valves, Hydrant, Standpipes)

Fire Detec Automatic Suppression System: Dec 2001

Disposable fire extinguisher : July 2002

Fire Alarm Panel : Jan 2005






3. Brand Name (Manufactured Items) :






4. % of Export - Fire Extinguishers






5. Local Approvals (Manufactured Items)


b. Department of Occupational Safety & Health (DOSH)
c. Chief Inspectorate of Fire Services
d. Surveyor General of Ships, Malaysia





6. Foreign Approvals (Manufactured Items)


1.Singapore Productivity & Standards Board
2. Fire Brigade Dept, Brunei
3.Fire Services Dept. HongKong
4.Directorate of Civil Defence & Fire, Royal Oman Police
5. Civil Defence, Abu Dhabi
6. Civil Defence, Dubai
7. Kuwait Fire Brigade
8. Fire Dept of Doha, Qatar
9. Civil Defence & Fire Service Directorate, Bahrain
10. Civil Defence, Jordan
11. Sudan Fire Service
12. Thailand Industrial Standard
13. The Insurance Council of New Zealand Inc.
14. Federal Fire Service Dept, Nigeria
15. Lloyd’s Register , England
16. Quality Assurance Services Pty Ltd, Australia
17. Underwriters Laboratories Inc.




7. Products are listed in vendor list of


a. Sarawak Shell Petroleum Co
b. Kuwait National Petroleum Co



8. Export markets


Export to more than 38 countries worldwide including;

b.Far East (Korea, China, Hongkong)
c.South East Asia
d.Indian Continent
f.South America




9. Major Supply/Contracts During The Last 7 Years:


Shipbuilding market in Korea

2002 – CNOOC, China
(Corrosion Resistant Fire Extinguishers)
Ministry of Defence, Oman
(Fire Extinguishers)

2001 - Royal Malaysian Navy, Lumut Base
(Inergen Gas Suppression System)

TNB Hydro Station, Sungei Perak
(Inergen Gas Suppression System)

2000 - Iraq (Through United Nations)
(Portable & Trolley Fire extinguishers)

1998 - Petronas Fertilizer (Kedah) Sdn Bhd
Gurun, Kedah
(Portable & Trolley Fire Extinguishers)

1997 - Petronas Penapisan Melaka (II)
(Corrosion Resistant Fire Extinguishers)

1996 - Petronas Gas Utilisation Plant, Stage 5 & 6
(Corrosion Resistant Fire Extinguishers)

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