SUB MENU :: Hosereel unit and Co2|Mobile Foam Unit | Spare Parts and Accessories | Training

1) Stored Pressure Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher

Brass Valve Assy.

Pressure Gauge - 29mm

Plastic Cable Ties

Valve Seat

Discharge Hose & Horn Assy.

Dip Tube

Pipe Adaptor


Wall Bracket

Safety Pin


Fire Extinguisher Hose

2) Portable CO2 Fire Extinguisher

Bursting Disc

Wall Bracket

Neck O Ring

Lever Handle & Groove

Swivel Horn Assy.

Spindle Assemble


Croda & Monnex Dry Powder

Fire Blanket

Alarm Bell

"Nittan" Smoke Detector

"Demco" Heat Detector

"Eversafe" Battery Operated Smoke Alarm

Fire Extinguisher Box

Foam Concentrates

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