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Microprocessor based panels are known for their versatility while conventional panels are more fault tolerant and economical. Noval's design is a hybrid, taking full advantage of both systems. All the various modules within the NOVAL fire alarm system are linked together via a bus architecture. They are fully compatible and interchangeable between panels of different sizes and configurations. Being modular, the entire panel can be disassembled and re-assembled in the field within minutes.

The module demonstrates the design philosophy applied to the entire range of NOVAL Fire Alarm Panels. It ultilizes as double layered Printed Circuit Board that has visual indicators and manual controls mounted on one side while their associated electronic circuits are mounted directly behind on the other side. The results in a highly intergrated, compact and reliable system.

All LED indications and meters are concealed behind a specially constructed facial plate but visible through windows placed at strategic locations. A large multipurpose window serves to hold slot-in legends for zone designations, mimic drawings, or any other display information. These and all other permanently printed labels are scratch proof. Another large window reveals system status indication, pump status indications, gas panel status indications, and any other user definable auxilary indications.

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