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  Corrosion Resistant Stored Pressure Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers are truly an effective combination of well designed and manufactured hardware with the rigid quality controlled dry chemical powder which makes it an economical investment for your fire protection.

High Grade ABC dry powder is a multipurpose powder offering fast knockdown, protection against reignition and heat reduction on Class A, B and C fires.

· High performance.
· Stainless steel squeeze lever and bottom handle.
· Forged brass headcap body (Nickel Chromed).
· Reinforced synthetic rubber hose.
· Colour coded self adhesive band (Complies to BS381
· External body coated with Epoxy Marine paint system
  (Corrosion Resistant).
· Checkable pressure guage.
Colour finish - Signal Red (RAL 3000).
· Maintenance record tag.

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