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  Corrosion Resistant Cartridge Operated Type Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers are specially designed for maximum fire extinguishing ability with the simplicity of seize and squeeze. The extinguishers are pressurized by CO2 gas cartridges which are activated when levers are initially squeezed at the time of use.

Dry powder, a versatile and safe extinguishant is ideally suited to environments where the fire hazards are mixed.

Multipurpose ABC powder is effective on all types of fires i.e. class A, B and C. Also available upon request are BC powder which is intended for use on class B and C fires. The Monnex Powder is recommended for high risk situation and should be used when rapid knockdown is required on class B and C fires. Monnex is particularly suitable for use in refineries, petrochemical complexes and other high hazard areas.

· High performance.
· Squeeze grip controllable discharge headcap.
· Stainless steel squeeze lever and bottom handle.
· Stainless steel neck ring.
· Forged brass headcap body (Nickel Chromed).
· Reinforced synthetic rubber hose.
· Colour coded self adhesive band (Complies to BS381
· External body coated with Epoxy Marine paint system
  (Corrosion Resistant).
· Colour finish - Signal Red (RAL 3000).
· Maintenance record tag.



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