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  Eversafe Corrosion Resistant Portable Premix Foam (AFFF) and Water Fire Extinguishers are specially designed and manufactured for maximum fire killing ability with simplicity of operation and maintenance. The internal of the extinguishers are lined with Performance Polymer Alloy to prevent corrosion. All models come with a squeeze grip controllable discharge brass valve with stainless steel operating levers. There is choice of stored pressure and gas cartridge operated types for both premix foam and water extinguishers.

Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) extinguishers are suitable for use on Class B fires involving flammable liquid such as pain, oil and petrol. It can be also used on Class A fires. The foam forms a blanket over the burning liquid and seals it from oxygen thus eliminates burning and reignition.

Water extinguishers effectively extinguish Class A fires involving corbonaceous materials such as wood, paper and textiles. Water spray provides better wetting action that penetrates underlying burning materials and assists in reducing heat.


· Stainless steel squeeze lever and bottom handle.
· Forged brass valve body (Nickel Chromed).
· Reinforced synthetic rubber hose.
· Colour coded self adhesive band (Complies to
  BS381 Ref: 352 (foam) & Ref: 537 (water).
· External body coated with Epoxy Marine pain system
  (Corrosion Resistant).
· Internal of cylinder lined with Performance Polymer Alloy.
· Checkable pressure gauge.
· Colour finish - signal Red (RAL 3000).
· Maintenance record tag.

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