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The range of dry powder extinguishers have been manufactured under approved ISO 9001 Quality System and are approved to Australian Standard AS1841. The cylinders are deep drawn from cold rolled steel, centre welded and pressure tested to twice the extinguisher working pressure. The hot forged brass operating value is fitted with a pressure indicator and incorporates facility to enable 'in service' testing as required by AS 1851.1. Coated with epoxy powder, the cylinder offers corrosion resistance and passes the 480 hours salt spray test.

The range of dry powder fire extinguisher are charged with specially fluidised and silliconised mono ammonium phosphate powder which offers resistance to compaction where the extinguisher is installed in a location subjected to vibration and are safe and effective for use on Class A and B fires. Being an electronically non conductive extinguisher agent, dry powder extinguishers are also safe for use on fires (Class E) involving equipment carrying live electrical current.

Whether the area to be protected is a home, car, caravan, boat, office or a major industrial or commercial property, there is an extinguisher available to suit the risk


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